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Vodafone, the leading telecom giant, has a reputation to come up with better services and solutions for its consumers in order to provide better and seamless service. Considering the same path Vodafone has decided to associate with our parent organization as a channel partner for the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh circle. This proud association with Vodafone only help us to provide you with better opportunities in order to help you to grow further in your career.



The graph of eCommerce in India has been growing incredibly fast since last few years thanks to the growing population of young internet users. According to the statistics India is witnessing 6 million new online shoppers every month. It’s important to produce better human resources to meet the growing demand

We use cutting-edge innovated technology to prepare you better learning experience while creating new and innovative eCommerce solutions. Learn how to build better eCommerce business portals and inventory management solutions along with eCommerce website development using UI/UX designs.



Patient management, in hospitals in India, is still a vastly untouched topic when it comes to providing better queue management solutions. Our very own DQMS, a queue management solution for hospitals makes it incredibly easy to wait for your turn in hospitals. It’s completely digitized with periodic alerts system which sends alerts to the patient of his turn in the queue and his expected time of appointment after the successful registration into the system.

It also provides better assistance to the doctors as they can manage their patients with ease. This helps in reducing wait time, which improves the better hospital experience. The recorded history of patients makes easier for doctors to examine patients in future appointments.

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